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Titanic with ZOMBIES

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This is the story…

  • of a shipbuilder who designed the greatest ocean liner ever imagined.
  • of a captain on the final voyage of his long and distinguished career.
  • of a crew dedicated to the safety and well-being of all passengers.
  • of an unsinkable woman who stood up when everyone told her to sit down.

Oh, and there’s an infection that turns hundreds of passengers into violent, flesh-eating ghouls.

That’s right. This ain’t no love story.

This is the story of the Titanic with ZOMBIES.

All aboard. It’s about to go down!


The Gift of Illusion

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Welcome to Elmwood, where secrets don’t stay buried.  No need to worry though.  Our detectives are working around the clock to make sure you’re as safe as can be.

While you’re here, be sure to visit the big house on the hill at the end of Maria Avenue.  It’s just past the abandoned church, hidden within the dark forest.  You can’t miss it.

Lucius is expecting you.

Take the tour.  Watch the show.  Just whatever you do, don’t go down below.

The ghosts of the long dead don’t take too kindly to visitors.

We hope you enjoy your stay here in Elmwood.


The Rebirth

A collection of poetry.



Guardian Angel

One time I thought I could control
This ever-changing role;
Of visions never clear –
Of angels to appear!
I knew not in my mind
Of creatures this divine,
Never hoped or prayed to find
A love to last all time!
But in the dimmest light it’s there,
With a sense so calm and fair
Shone off my soul – reflects
A promise to protect.
While now I wake within this need
Of thoughts never believed
To be true, until I see
Its shadow still behind me!


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